Q. Are these Pouches are suitable to pack Food Items?
We use 100 %virgin material specially designed as per the product’s requirements.Our 80 % of supply is in Food industry.

Q. This material is not banned?
No.We make Pouches from Polyester Poly film whose Minimum thickness is 45 mic and maximum thickness of 150 mic. Our products are not banned and are demand of many industries. There is no other safer,cost effective and attractive solution to this.

Q. Can chemicals and oil be packed in these pouches?
Yes Of course, other then acids and varnish, any chemical powder or liquid can be packed in these.

Q. What is life of these pouches?
As we are using virgin films, best adhesives and inks to print as well to laminate films, our pouches can go long for 2 years without any deformation.

Q. Can we get printed Pouches?
Yes the only investment is in cylinders cost that is one time only.These cylinders can print 10 lac + impressions without any extra cost.

Q. What would be the investment in cylinders?
It depends on size of the pouch and the kind of cylinders. Art work or size of the pouch can be customized according to the requirements of the client.

Q. How much pouches one can order for?
It depends on the kind of pouch and product to be packed in .In general, we keep plain stand up pouches (Please, look into product details) in ready stock.Other than that, we can offer you minimum 20,000 pieces in one size.

Q. We are looking for some special kind of pouches can you make it?
Certainly we are always eager to device the pack as per your tailor made requirements.

Q. Which Pouch type is generally asked by food packaging manufacturers?
Most of the Food Packaging Manufactures prefers demand for either Stand Up with or without Zipper and Centre seal pouches for their packaging needs.